Authentic Vintage Mil Spec Type 62 Daylight Binocular
Authentic Vintage Mil Spec Type 62 Daylight Binocular
Authentic Vintage Mil Spec Type 62 Daylight Binocular

Authentic Vintage Mil Spec Type 62 Daylight Binocular

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The Chinese Type 62 Daylight Binocular was developed in 1961, based on Soviet Б8 IR observing binocular, which is essentially Soviet copy of classic ZEISS  Deltrentis 8×30. 

Type 62 Daylight Binocular have been known for it's superb optical system, excellent image quality , light weight, ease to use, and very sturdy build for exceptional durability. 

It have been supplied to Vietnam, North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia(Khmer Rouge)ext , as military aid. 

Type 62 have been constantly improved during it's 50 + years of service history. Earlier version has coated glass from DDR Zeiss, and some version comes with mil-spec glass contains special rare-earth minerals.  Type 62 binocular still remain as active service munition for PLA  highland/alpine units, desert patrol units, paratroop units and para-police border patrol units.

After years of works, we have secured a batch of Mil Spec Type 62 Daylight Binoculars, which are produced in early 1980. They are currently in PAL service condition, and have been serviced by armorer recently. 

Lenses have been cleaned, desiccant have been replaced, protection/storage grease have been applied

Some of them may have scratched desiccant caps. Two-tone discolored lens may also present due to oxidization and armorer repair/upgrade.

Militaria Collector's Dream! 

They are not surplus!

As per PLA logistic regulation, inspector will be facing serious internal investigation or even prosecuted by court martial if any under quality products have been fund during it's service life.

Do not get confused with commercial reproduction with inferior material, workmanship, and lacking for consistency. 

Every set of Type 62 Daylight Binocular comes with:

1 x Original leather (Dyed cattle hide) carry box with shoulder sling and velvet lining

1 x Type 62 Daylight Binocular with leather neck sling and lens caps

1 x Cleaning brush

1 x Cleaning cloth 

1 x Desiccant cap wrench

2 x Filter lens

2 x Spare desiccant caps

1 x Manufacture certificate and packing list (s/n matching)

1 x Military inspection certificate (s/n matching)